Here at Prairie Harvest there are four primary ways for you to give:

Pre-Authorized Debit

E-Transfer to

Bamboora Online Giving

Offering Basket  (Sunday mornings only)


Which one is right for you?

Does your tithe change each month based on fluctuating income levels?  Choose E-Transfer

Do you have a predetermined monthly budget for giving to Prairie Harvest that remains consistent each month?

Choose Automatic Monthly Bank Withdrawal.
Are you nostalgic for the cheque writing process or only deal with cash?  Choose the Offering Basket.
Looking for a way to quickly pay for a class registration and don’t have cash on hand?  Choose Bamboora Online Giving
More Details:
Pre-Authorized Debit
Offers online PAD (pre-authorized debit) agreement that allows you to set a monthly tithe budget that will be automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account on a pre-determined recurring date.  If you wish to tithe in the manner, pick up your pre-authorized debit form from the Church Office.
Online giving that takes less than 30 seconds to set up the first time, and becomes more convenient each time you use it.  Simply add as a recipient with your online banking provider and voila!  You can send an E-Transfer instantly.  Please designate the purpose for the funds in the comments (Examples: Tithe,  Heating System, Class Registration Fee for ‘ Loving Your Kids On Purpose’)
Bamboora Online Giving
This feature is not working yet, as we are still in the testing phases. 
(((Simply fill out the form below to give by credit card.))))
Offering Basket
This is a weekly opportunity to give through cash or cheque.